The 3 Es of Entrepreneurship; Traits and Tips for Success

Some of you are working diligently towards attaining that dream job whilst others are working diligently with the hopes of one day creating dream jobs. Those of you who fall under the latter evidently possess the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving art as business landscapes persistently shift, however these 3 simple traits have remained consistent factors in entrepreneurial success.

Eyes – The Vision

A vision is more than just an idea, it is the bigger picture, it is the end goal. Having a strong vision of your outcomes as an entrepreneur is fundamental. Not only does this vision need to be vivid, it needs to be clear. Of course the clarity may not be there with the initial brainwave, but it is essential this clarity is refined as your vision develops. Having this end goal in mind enables you to map the short term signposts you will pass during your long term journey.

Your vision, although unified, is in fact a trinity of your business goals, personal goals and your external goals. The peripheral vision is just as important as your core vision. It is always important to bear in mind how your business and personal goals relate to the wider world. An important question to always ask yourself is

How can I make a difference?

A clear vision gives you the ability to see and assess the plausibility of your idea.

Ethic – The Work Rate

Excuse the cliche but there is no getting away from good ol’ fashioned elbow grease on your path to entrepreneurial success. Hard work and dedication aren’t sexy but they are the traits that give you results. Bear in mind working hard does not necessarily mean sleepless nights, looking after yourself is as much a vital part of your ethic as hard work because ultimately if your health and well being are in tact you can maintain a steady output of solid work. Being out of action for a week because you are overworked is counter productive.

Passion is also a core part of your ethic. Entrepreneurship without passion is a day job and let’s face it, part of the allure of being an entrepreneur is the freedom it offers. Passion is not only the enthusiasm and desire for your vision it is also the fuel that keeps you going when the pressure and stress mount up.

An unfortunate part of any entrepreneurial journey is that set backs happen. Quite often it isn’t the brightest or most intelligent that succeed, it is those with high levels of grit and determination. Resilience and grit are the support pillars of your vision and will ultimately determine your ability to survive major set backs.

Execution – The Fulfilment

A vision without action is a dream. To make this dream a reality you must start doing. As rudimentary as that may sound, so often people sit on their dreams and it is this final E that differentiates entrepreneurs from the rest.

If you’re wondering where to begin in executing your vision the answer is simple, the drawing board. Planning helps you articulate your vision and the steps required to fulfil it. It then requires the right implementation of your plan to produce results. Lean is in. Technology and other facets are becoming cheaper with every year enabling you to be resourceful. Work with what you have, and make what you have work.

In any venture there is risk. In executing your vision you should always bear in mind that failure as an entrepreneur is a possibility no matter how remote that possibility might seem . Consider contingency, or plan B if you rather, to be an umbrella. Although rain isn’t forecast, you might take your brolly out in case it does. Contingency will help you adapt when the “unforeseeables” are thrown your way.

In execution lies a 4th and hidden E, evolution. As the world around you evolves so too must your ideas. Iterate and reiterate as you proceed in your journey to ensure your vision isn’t just a dream but it becomes and remains a reality.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of dreams, sweat and toil, but ultimately there is nothing more rewarding than the fruits of your personal labour.

Chisomo K.

I create and inspire. Founder of B-U, a platform exploring personal development through the art of story telling. I also produce music over at Epithet Music.

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